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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Update: Earlier this year, The ABDL Shop was acquired by new owners.  We kindly ask that you address any questions about The ABDL Shop to us directly. 

Please check to see if your question can be answered below. If you cannot find the answer to your question then please email us at

The ABDL Shop sells ABDL diapers and soon to be other product lines as well. We currently only sell Medium and Large adult diaper sizes, but we are looking to expand on that as soon as possible!

Privacy Concerns

Is shipping discreet? What does it look like?
All of our products are shipped in plain envelopes or boxes, with no identifying markings. Most of the case boxes have black letter markings which say "CD-M", "CD-L", “TEB-M” or “TEB-L”.

Payment & Order 

All payments and shipments are handled directly through Amazon.

What if my order is defective or the wrong size?
If you believe your order is defective or if it is the wrong size, then please contact Amazon directly to have your concern addressed.  If they cannot resolve the issue, please feel free to reach out to us!

Can I come to the warehouse and pick up my order instead?
Unfortunately, we do not have a warehouse at the moment.  Our products are fulfilled through Amazon, and will soon be available to purchase from ABdlr in Denver, Colorado.


Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, at this time, we do not ship internationally but we are looking to expand in the future so we may offer our products to our international customers.

How long will my order take?
Depending on your Amazon account and when you order, you can get your package as early as the next day.  Estimated shipping times will be displayed on the product page on Amazon.

Products & Other

What size diaper will fit me?
Our diapers are sized as followed:

Carousel V2s
    Medium: 28" - 36" waist/hip
    Large: 37" - 44" waist/hip

Trest Elite Briefs
    Medium: 30”-38” waist/hip
    Large: 39”-46” waist/hip

For female or curvier shaped bodies, it's helpful to use your hip measurement instead of waist to purchase the most accurate size.

Will you produce a small or X-Large diaper?
It's in our future plans, as long as there is a demand for it.  

How thick are your diapers? What is the capacity?
Our diapers are thick and absorbent without being too bulky.
    Carousel V2s hold up to 5000mL of liquid.
    TREST Elite Briefs hold up to 9500mL of liquid.

Do you offer samples?
Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide samples.

What if you run out of inventory?
The Amazon site will not allow us to oversell.  With delays in shipping, COVID restrictions, weather delays, etc., there may be times when we may run out of inventory. But, we strive to keep our products in stock for purchase.

What other products do you plan to release?
We have a lot of ideas and plans up our sleeves. You can stay tuned in by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media @theabdlshop (Instagram, Twitter, & Tumblr). 

What if I have a cool idea for a design I want to share?
We would love to hear from you! Email us at and share your ideas with us. We value ABDL and ageplayer opinions the most!

Are you looking for brand ambassadors or models?
Currently, we are not looking for models or brand ambassadors but it's possible in the future. If you are interested in being a brand ambassador, reach out to our instagram account @theabdlshop via PM or send us an e-mail at We will let you know if we're in need of any help!  Thanks!

With Love and Respect,

The ABDL Shop Team